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JFooID  v.0.1.0

This library is a Java port from the libFooID audio fingerprinting library created by Gian-Carlo Pascutto. The fingerprint captures how the audio is perceived by an audience so it can e.g. be used in a database to retrieve metatags of a

LarryMP3Player  v.0.1

Although it was planned as an simple java based mp3 player, ogg vorbis and wav format are supported either.Mp3 and ogg metatags are read. Uses, javazoom, skinlf,

Luaj  v.2.0.2

Lightweight, fast, Java-centric Lua interpreter written for JME and JSE, with string, table, package, math, io, os, debug, coroutine & luajava libraries, JSR-223 bindings, all metatags, weak tables and unique direct lua-to-java-bytecode

Metaphoto  v.1.0

metaphoto allows you to manage your photos, using metatags, in the way that YOU want to. All information is stored, using metatags, in the picture.metaphoto DOES NOT force you to: store images in a particular directory or use particular tags

TjvGridPrinter  v.1.0

A preview/print dialog component for printing

ECM Homepage  v.3.0

Detailed guidance for the production own homepage without special aids. It is provided step for step to homepage with 7 sides, to each individual step very in detail thereby is described and with Screenshots represented. One deals also with the

TechMVC 3.2.1  v.3.2.1

TechMVC is a very powerful and highly optimized MVC2 based web application framework, which enables developers to build high performance Website. Current Version: 3.1.1 Features Upgraded: =============== 1. Meta Character set ...

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